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Diplomatic Baggage
“Come in,” Lady Margaret Adair said as she looked out over the Champs-Elysees.  It was early Spring, and the young women walking up and down the street were dressed in the latest Chanel and Dior fashions.  From the fourth floor of the hotel, the heads of the women were covered by a variety of hats, but that was no problem.
The door opened, and Lady Margaret turned to see Evelyn wheeling in a trolley.  “Your afternoon tea, my lady,” she said as she closed the door to, and wheeled the trolley to where a small table sat between two chairs.  The young brunette wore a grey coat dress, with a white apron tied round her waist, and grey shoes with short heels, as well as a lace cap on her head with her hair pulled back in a ponytail.  “Shall I pour?”
“Please,” Lady Margaret said as she walked over and sat down, her legs together, her ankles to the side as she had been taught at her finishing school.  The daughter of
:iconkp-presents:KP-Presents 21 4
Let's go :) by lostonezero Let's go :) :iconlostonezero:lostonezero 231 71
The Mummy of Little Lowerby
   Over twenty-five years ago Jeannie Jacobs was a young woman who dreamed of leaving the sleepy village of Little Lowerby to explore the world. She worked at the tea room owned by her parents, saving up to fund a trip to some exciting, extravagant country. She wasn’t fussy regarding her destination. She just wanted to leave.
   Had her car not been rear-ended two days before she was supposed to leave by a tractor driven by a young farmer by name of Duncan Kay, she would probably have left Little Lowerby forever and never looked back.
   Little did she know as she furiously screeched at a bewildered Duncan about the damage caused to her car, before collapsing in heap due to stress and shock, that three years later she would be walking down the aisle in a white wedding dress to become his wife.
   Shortly afterwards her parents moved away, leaving their tea room in the care of Jeannie. She transformed it into the trendy café it was now,
:icongolavus:Golavus 25 10
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Bluebell and the IMFR - Part 1
Detective Inspector Stanley glugged back the brown coloured liquid in his glass, a strange human liquor by name of ‘Scotch Whisky’, in one gulp. “Got another?” he grunted rudely.
    “You’ve had quite enough Derrick,” Cynthia scolded, scooping up his empty glass. “Besides you shouldn’t be drinking in the café, I don’t have a licence for selling alcohol.”
    “Firstly, Cynthia, I’m not buying alcohol, and secondly, I’m hardly going to nick you for it am I?”
    “I said, no more!” Cynthia growled. She and her husband were used to the detective’s fondness for whisky, but she wasn’t in the mood for encouraging this habit today.
   Detective Stanley tutted; he wasn’t in the mood for one of her lectures. “Look, I’ve had a trying week alright?”
   “You aren’t the only one,” Cynthia ret
:icongolavus:Golavus 12 13
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Karen Gillan as Amy Pond by the-real-millstone
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Karen Gillan as Amy Pond :iconthe-real-millstone:the-real-millstone 112 7
A Heist on Kings Row
“I cannot believe I am having to work with such a disorganised, chaotic, anarchistic vigilante,” Symmetra scoffed as she ran along the old cobbled streets of Kings Row, located deep in the heart of old town London with massive skyscrapers built during the 2060s dominating the skyline.
   “Hey I ain’t exactly dancing with joy to be working with you either,” Lucio retorted as he used his Sonic Amplifier to increase their running speed. “But you know what girl, you came to Overwatch for help knowing they were an underground vigilante group; you can’t really be surprised someone like me is helping them out.”
   “Had I known they were employing the vandal who has proved a perpetual thorn in the side for the Vishkar Corporation I may have reconsidered,” Symmetra grunted.
   “What was that? You mean the organisation that threatened to bulldoze my town and make thousands of families homeless?”
:icongolavus:Golavus 24 23
A Clean Break in
"It's a perfect friday: sun shining, no clouds and finally some time to relax..." thought Mrs.Winchester while driving back home from work.
Business back at her jewelry shop were good and finally she took some free time to spend with her daughters Rebecca and Sarah...
"A perfect day... I wish you were here with me to enjoy it..." said while looking at her wedding ring on her hand while gripping the steering wheel: her husband, Mr.Winchester died two years ago in a car crash, leaving his shop to inheritance to his wife.
Pushing that painful memory aside, she entered in her house driveway, turned off the engine and got off her Mercedes.
Her house was a typical mansion in the rich zone of the city, built in Spanish Reinassance style, a very popular in the area.
She took out her keys, opened the main entrance and went in only to fin her two maids, Olga and Maria, cleaning the house dressed in the typical maid uniform: black short sleeved knee-lenght dress with white cuffs,hem and collar, w
:iconmysteriousman9818:Mysteriousman9818 3 0
D.Va's Lament by Plasma-dragon D.Va's Lament :iconplasma-dragon:Plasma-dragon 1,590 96 Sara's Sewer Shock by Golavus Sara's Sewer Shock :icongolavus:Golavus 32 16
The Fixer
I had a long afternoon and half a bottle of scotch to kill. I yanked my desk drawer open. The empty bottle rattled. I slammed it shut again.
   Then she walked in.
   “Please, you’ve got to help me! You’re the only one who can!”
    I analysed the woman who was standing in my doorway. She was hot. A Hispanic lady in her mid- twenties with long brunette hair, brown eyes and a slim face. Fine pair of legs on her too. She seemed to know it, judging by the relatively short length of her skirt and her expensive hosiery. She was clearly a woman of considerable wealth too, her white skirt suit with dark pinstripes was a designer one, as were her expensive, shiny black high heels.
   “Who says I can help you?” I grunted as I searched my other drawers in case further bottles of scotch magically appeared.
   “You are Henry Redfern aren’t you?” the woman asked me in a sultry, determined voice,
:icongolavus:Golavus 23 29
Mature content
Good News :iconkp-presents:KP-Presents 32 9


My only criticisms of these pictures are that in order to have the sea placed behind the model, the natural light of the sunset has lef...


The Lurking Fiend...
Artist | Hobbyist
United Kingdom
Greetings.. Welcome to my little corner of Deviant Art!

I will be updating this as often as time, real life, and my naturally lazy nature will allow.. Meantime, enjoy the show!

I do occasionally do commissions, but I really have to want to do the pic in question. So you can ask, and if I let you down, I will do so gently!

I like to draw twisted things.. But I also have a sense of humour about it. Nothing morose, morbid, or miserable about me...honest guv!

I do reply to comments (at times), and to messages (at times), especially if they peak my interest...

I may or may not be alive. They haven't been brave enough to check yet.
... But to REALLY screw things up, you need a computer. Or in my case, an external hard drive that has died, taking with it years of photos, artwork, writing, music... you name it.

So, needless to say, while I am waiting to see what can be recovered, it's thrown a bit of a spanner in the works. Hopefully, normal service can be restored soon. Until then, here is some light music...

*cue tinny old recording of "The Girl From Ipanema"*



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