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Obvious Clue Is Obvious :icongeistjager:Geistjager 133 16
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Breaking the Break-in :icongeistjager:Geistjager 66 4
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Halloween 2016 - Lab Assistance :icongeistjager:Geistjager 109 5
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Loading Up :icongeistjager:Geistjager 148 6
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Keeping Her Safe :icongeistjager:Geistjager 194 7
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Hollow Wood Nights - Pt 4. :icongeistjager:Geistjager 6 1
Galloway :icongeistjager:Geistjager 5 0
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Hollow Wood Nights - Pt 3. :icongeistjager:Geistjager 5 3
Investigator Agyar Valentin :icongeistjager:Geistjager 2 0 Hyacinth Twynzeister :icongeistjager:Geistjager 7 0
Hollow Wood Nights - Pt II
1. Galloway.
The black six-wheeled cruiser, bearing the shield of arms of the Department of Investigation on the doors, crawled its way through the early morning traffic, under a cloudy sky and a light but steady drizzle of rain.
In the back compartment of the vehicle sat Poppy, Hailee and Hyacinth. Half asleep and nursing strong hot drinks of sweet and spicy Choralah, they had been given only a little time for sleep before being pulled back into the investigation.
Harker, having seen Poppys’ reaction to the Hand of Fortune when she had discovered it under the fire-escape, had been unwilling to make his charge attempt a reading of the artefact, keeping that line of enquiry as a last resort. There weren’t many people in Hollow Wood City that trafficked in the occult or mystical, and even fewer who would even contemplate buying or selling an item as hideous as a Hand of Fortune, so it made sense to run down the usual suspects first, and to use the girls to smoke out th
:icongeistjager:Geistjager 4 1
Investigator Etienne Prinz :icongeistjager:Geistjager 2 0 Hailee Twynzeister :icongeistjager:Geistjager 11 2


Sara's Sewer Shock :icongolavus:Golavus 25 13
The Fixer
I had a long afternoon and half a bottle of scotch to kill. I yanked my desk drawer open. The empty bottle rattled. I slammed it shut again.
   Then she walked in.
   “Please, you’ve got to help me! You’re the only one who can!”
    I analysed the woman who was standing in my doorway. She was hot. A Hispanic lady in her mid- twenties with long brunette hair, brown eyes and a slim face. Fine pair of legs on her too. She seemed to know it, judging by the relatively short length of her skirt and her expensive hosiery. She was clearly a woman of considerable wealth too, her white skirt suit with dark pinstripes was a designer one, as were her expensive, shiny black high heels.
   “Who says I can help you?” I grunted as I searched my other drawers in case further bottles of scotch magically appeared.
   “You are Henry Redfern aren’t you?” the woman asked me in a sultry, determined voice,
:icongolavus:Golavus 18 29
Mature content
Good News :iconkp-presents:KP-Presents 27 7
Mature content
Black Canary :iconjarlarthropod:JarlArthropod 74 4
Sara's White Christmas
The twinkling lights in the window provided a welcome sight as I walked up the garden path leading to the old farmhouse located just outside my hometown. I took a deep breath of icy cold air as I approached the front door with a holly wreath hanging from the knocker. Why was I so nervous? I knew what was waiting for me inside, and it had only been a couple of months. Still, my heart gave a nervy wrench as I banged on the door asking for entry.
   A few seconds passed before the front door was opened by a young woman my age with long raven coloured hair, wearing a bright blue festive jumper with a short red skirt, dark nylons and a pair of brown leather high heeled boots. She frowned at me before saying curtly, “What time do you call this? Little late for carol singing isn’t it?”
    “Have you already forgotten how bad my singing voice is?” I asked her in return.
     Rachel tried to keep up the act but she failed spectacu
:icongolavus:Golavus 26 39
Web Of Villainy
“Here’s my comic book.”
Matt retrieved the copy of Captain Britney Pulsar, Space Explorer!, half-buried under the sofa cushions.  The front cover featured Britney Pulsar, covered in spider silk.  All that could be seen of her were the toes of her white go-go boots, her determined face, and her pastel-green hair, gathered as always in a voluminous ponytail that floated slightly.
Facing Britney stood a cold, regal queen.  Her upper body was fully human, clad in a black robe bearing the insignia of a red hourglass.  A gossamer veil partially obscured her cold eyes, outlined with kohl.  A silver crown rested on her midnight-black hair, long and straight.
Her lower body consisted of a spider’s thorax and abdomen, with eight jointed legs.
Matt flipped through the comic book.  He had already read the first few pages, detailing the resolution of the last issue’s cliffhanger.  Britney was now flying through the stars in her
:icondavid-presents:David-presents 13 15
The Witches of Little Lowerby
“Good morning ladies. Will it be the usual?” Phoebe asked the four women as they entered her café.
    “Oh I believe so, wouldn’t you say so ladies?” the eldest of the four, a woman seemingly in her mid-forties with wild spiky red hair cut into a bob length, said to the young waitress behind the counter. The three other members of her party nodded in agreement.
    “Perfect, that’s two Cappuccinos, one with no chocolate, a soy milk Latte and a pot of Early Grey with a lemon slice coming up,” Phoebe smiled, spinning around on the point of her black flat pumps which she wore with the rest of her outfit, a black, tight fitting miniskirt with a white blouse and opaque dark tights, shaking away her long blonde ponytail from where it had fallen onto her shoulder. She quickly checked over her shoulder to see where the latest guests in her café had taken a seat, noting that they had occupied their usual table in the
:icongolavus:Golavus 21 30
The Carrington Girls at 21 :icongolavus:Golavus 21 48 Sara stashed away :icongolavus:Golavus 121 30 Sara Philips in 3D :icongolavus:Golavus 32 18
Damsel Dilemma's...for you
A Sterling Party
“Oh there you are Humphrey!” Lady Poppleby exclaimed at the sight of the host of the posh party and owner of this fancy mansion, alone in the hallway opening up a ladder leading up to his attic. She analysed his strange activity before asking, “I do hope nothing is too amiss Humphrey.”
   The host replied by flashing the doddery old lady with a pearly smile and saying in a silky smooth tone, “Nothing at all. I’m just heading up to fetch another bottle of the 89 chardonnay. I do hope that’s OK?”
   “Oh that’s simply marvellous, I’m partial to that particular vintage,” the elderly lady answered. “Anyway Humphrey I was just coming to say…”
    “Goodness what was that noise?” exclaimed Lady Poppleby, recognising that it had come from within the attic.
    Humphrey seemed to stammer for a few seconds before
:icongolavus:Golavus 22 34
Swamp Druid :iconshabazik:Shabazik 150 43
Damsel Dilemma's...For Me
A Visit from Mr T.I.Kell
“My my, you two have been busy!” the ringleader of the gang of industrial thieves remarked as he opened his door and observed the scene before him.
    “Yyyyymmmm ffffnnnnddd llltttt sss ggggmmmm!” blonde haired Joint Chief Executive Nadia growled through her pink coloured tapegag as she bucked against the tape fixing her against the wheeled office chair.
     “Yyyyyddd bbbtttt rrrlllllsss sssss,” silver haired, ebony skinned Joint Chief Executive Syrielle demanded through her own stuffed mouth, as she angrily stamped her bound feet against the floor while flexing against the tape binding her into her own chair.
    The two joint CEOs of Frontier Industries had been working late on a new business deal when these men had ambushed them. Pink tape had been used to fix them into their wheeled office chairs and wound about their smart suits, Nadia’s a dark blue colour which she wore
:icongolavus:Golavus 25 16
Mature content
Lois Lane Amy Adams :iconmistereye:MisterEye 549 30
Mature content
another commission :iconbg130:bg130 137 4
Mature content
Lucky Draw 414 - Blind and Tights :iconwossarem:WossaRem 328 14


My only criticisms of these pictures are that in order to have the sea placed behind the model, the natural light of the sunset has lef...


The Lurking Fiend...
Artist | Hobbyist
United Kingdom
Greetings.. Welcome to my little corner of Deviant Art!

I will be updating this as often as time, real life, and my naturally lazy nature will allow.. Meantime, enjoy the show!

I do occasionally do commissions, but I really have to want to do the pic in question. So you can ask, and if I let you down, I will do so gently!

I like to draw twisted things.. But I also have a sense of humour about it. Nothing morose, morbid, or miserable about me...honest guv!

I do reply to comments (at times), and to messages (at times), especially if they peak my interest...

I may or may not be alive. They haven't been brave enough to check yet.
... But to REALLY screw things up, you need a computer. Or in my case, an external hard drive that has died, taking with it years of photos, artwork, writing, music... you name it.

So, needless to say, while I am waiting to see what can be recovered, it's thrown a bit of a spanner in the works. Hopefully, normal service can be restored soon. Until then, here is some light music...

*cue tinny old recording of "The Girl From Ipanema"*



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